Jewish Mallorca

Tours and Experiences in Majorca. Tours are offered in English, French, Spanish, Catalan and Hebrew. The different options for routes are available for both residents of Majorca and visitors to the island.

Jewish Majorca

Culture. Community. Connections.

Jewish Majorca was created to help revive the once prominent Jewish community of the Balearic Islands. In 2014 we moved to Majorca (also known in Spanish as Mallorca) and met the local Conversos who shared with us stories and secrets of their Jewish heritage. We strive to bring together members of the current Jewish community from their many different backgrounds.

Secrets of Jewish Majorca

Secrets of Jewish Majorca



Secrets of Jewish Majorca


“I did the Jewish quarter tour with Dani a couple weeks ago and highly recommend it. So interesting and a very important story to tell. Dani is very enthusiastic and passionate about this particular piece of history. Very worth it !!”

Jodi Burmeister

“My family and I went on Dani’s Jewish history tour of Palma and we all found it super fascinating and very interesting. Dani has a wealth of knowledge and we discovered many interesting facts and places that we had never known about. Dani is a great guide, we would recommend the tour to everyone!”
Lisa Pierce

“I took my kids on a tour with Dani Rotstein of the Hidden History of Jewish Palma, and we loved it. Dani is so enthusiastic and passionate. My family especially loved that he mixed the tour with history and baked goods. We can’t wait to do another tour with Jewish Majorca.”
Sarah Miller Benichou

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