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Jewish Majorca has attracted the attention of the international media with the work and initiative that they have spearheaded in Majorca. Here is a sample of some of the articles and interviews that have come out in 2018 and 2019 highlighting the exciting endeavors of the team of Jewish Majorca.

BBC Radio "Outlook"

When American Dani Rotstein touched down on the Spanish island of Mallorca, looking to start a new life, he thought he would struggle to meet other Jewish people. But to his suprise, there was a whole network for him to tap into. A community of Chuetas - Jewish people who'd had to forcibly convert to Catholicism hundreds of years ago. Emily Webb hears about Dani's friendship with Miquel Segura, a descendant of one of them, who has brought Jewish customs back to the island.

BBC News

An American who landed in Majorca five years ago soon found himself working to revive the Mediterranean island's Jewish community - with the help of families forced to convert from Judaism to Christianity 500 years ago. When Dani Rotstein arrived in Palma in 2014, he was planning only a short break from the crowds and chaos of New York City... ​

The Jerusalem Post

Over the last four years, Dani Rotstein, originally from New York City, has been working to rebuild the Jewish community in the Spanish holiday island’s capital Palma, which was forced to accept Catholicism in a series of persecutions from 1391 to 1492..

Kan Radio Israel Interview Hebrew

28.8.2019 - הקשר הישראלי - אליהוא בן-און

Kan Radio Israel Interview with Ofer in Spanish

Dani Rotstein, judío nacido en EE.UU, quedó enamorado del legado judío de Sefarad y se trasladó a la isla de Mallorca. Al llegar, descubrió el término "chuetas", que se refiere a los judíos locales que fueron obligados a convertirse al catolicismo durante la Inquisición. Actualmente, Rotstein ofrece tours guiados en la isla y participa en actividades que pretenden reavivar el judaísmo mallorquín.

Diario de Mallorca​

Diario de Mallorca - August 2019

E Jewish Philantropy

This past week, I was privileged to participate in a special collaboration. FED – a community-building initiative that I founded to feed people body and soul through delicious dinners, inspirational talks, and the company and creative energy of fellow guests – journeyed from New York City to Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain, to arrange a Shabbaton connected to Limud Mallorca (the Shabbaton was made possible by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Grassroots Events program)..

Mallorca Zeitung

Die Geschichte des Judentums in Palma de Mallorca ist vielen älteren Mallorquinern noch präsent, im Stadtbild aber kaum zu sehen. Dabei gibt es bis heute rund 20.000 Nachfahren der Juden des Mittelalters, die oft an ihren Nachnamen identifiziert werden können. Die Gemeinde will jetzt mehr in Erscheinung treten

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

The Spanish island of Mallorca held its first Limmud program, a festival of Jewish learning. Some 85 participants out of a Jewish community of up to 200 participated in the daylong Limud Mallorca, which offered 18 sessions on Jewish topics in Spanish, Catalan and English, including for children and teens..


El “Limud”, un evento creado para profundizar y difundir diversos aspectos del judaísmo, ha llegado a la isla española de Palma de Mallorca, donde siglos atrás hubo una vibrante comunidad judía. “Un lugar donde aprender de judíos con tatuajes, feministas ortodoxas, creatividad ritual, Chuetas, Tikun Olam, valientes mujeres pioneras, Krav Mavga, y recetas para elaborar Hummus o Challah en un día”, promocionaban en Facebook los impulsores del proyecto.


On this island south of Barcelona, Jews celebrate Purim these days pretty much as they do most anywhere else in Europe. There’s the reading of the Book of Esther at the small synagogue near the marina, followed by a costume party bringing together the different contingents of Palma’s Jewish population of several hundred: unaffiliated Israeli families, retired British sun lovers, Sephardic locals and French businessmen, to name a few..

Jewish by Choice

Mallorca has a special place in my heart. When I first got into Judaism I lived on the island Mallorca. Little did I know in that time that Mallorca not only has a growing Jewish community.

Jessica Katz Blog

So you thought this post would be all about rest and relaxation. Yes, I had a little of that, but there is more to Mallorca than meets the eye, and I had a chance to see a few sides of the island, and learn about some fascinating Jewish(!) history..​

Radio Sefarad. August 2019

Todo en esta entrevista es un poco especial. Primero porque hablamos de algo (un proyecto de documental) que aún no existe, pero ya está en marcha. Segundo, porque su primer impulsor es un joven de Nueva Jersey (EE.UU.) que apenas lleva unos años instalado en la isla mediterránea y ya ha organizado varios “Limud” y hoy día forma parte de la directiva de la Comunidad Judía de las Islas Baleares.

Affordable Mallorca

Jewish Majorca was created to help revive the once prominent Jewish community of the Balearic Islands. This organization strives to bring together members of the current Jewish community, local Conversos and non-Jews to offer guided tours and events that show the rich diversity of Judaism in the Balearics..

CJIB - Comunidad Judía de les Illes Balears

Dani Rotstein has many things that make a good city guide. He's entertaining, he knows, and he's burning for what he's telling. It is only about four years ago that the now 39-year-old from New York for the first time strolled through the old town of Palma. A city that does not even remind attentive strollers of their Jewish past. It is the very past that makes Americans feel so connected to the old streets where Jewish traders and merchants swarmed more than 600 years ago: Rotstein is also a Jew. In the spring of last year, he founded an offshoot of the global Limud network in Mallorca, and has been a board member of the Jewish community since August. Above all, he wants to achieve one thing in both institutions: to bring Jewish culture and history closer to non-Jewish people as well and to create connections between the Jews of the island.

Affordable Mallorca

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet people from many walks of life. This has been beneficial to my worldview in innumerable ways, not least of which is having the chance to get to know people from different countries, financial backgrounds and even faiths.

Radio Sefarad

El próximo 12 de mayo tenemos una cita en Palma, llega Limud Mallorca 2019 con un programa repleto de actividades, mesas redondas y conferencias para -comentan la presidenta y el secretario de este evento Karen Kochman y Joan Manuel Segura-, “todas aquellas personas, judías o no, interesadas en el judaísmo”. Y es que Limud es eso, aprendizaje, acercamiento ..

Times of Israel

L’île espagnole de Majorque a accueilli son tout premier programme du Limmud sous la forme d’un festival d’éducation juive. Environ 85 participants issus d’une communauté juive de 200 personnes ont participé à ce programme d’une journée, intitulé Limmud Majorque..

Diario 'Ultima Hora

El Teatre Mar i Terra de Palma acogió el domingo el ‘Limud Mallorca 2018’, un encuentro internacional que se celebra por primer vez y en el que la comunidad judía da a conocer con conferencias simultáneas.. intitulé Limmud Majorque..


El pasado domingo 22 de abril, se llevó a cabo en el teatro Municial Mar i Terra, de Palma de Mallorca, España, un encuentro «Limud».Limud, es un proyecto de estudio, y diálogo, un espacio en el que se celebra la cultura judía, la creatividad y el aprendizaje, basado en el principio que «todos podemos ser estudiantes y maestros.

Olive Press

The very first festival of Jewish learning has been held as an attempt to grow the island’s small but resurgent community. Organised by Limud – a global movement which aims to connect Jewish people – participants enjoyed cooking classes, a book club and hiking trips. 85 people attended the day-long festival out of the island’s 200 strong community..