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About the tour

Whether this is your first time in Palma’s old town or you’re familiar with its maze of medieval streets, there’s plenty to discover on this audio and GPS guided walking tour.

Together we’ll explore the legacy of this Mediterranean island’s dark history. It’ll lead us through the twists and turns of narrow alleyways to all sorts of architectural gems.

You’ll meet famous mapmakers, figure out how to decipher street names, and peer into Palma’s famously elegant courtyards, which are easily missed. If anyone ever told you that history is boring, they’ve never studied the history of the Palma’s Jewish Quarter!

On this tour you’ll hear about:
• Secret synagogues
• The 1391 Massacre
• Forced conversions
• The fifteen Chueta family names
• Surviving the Black Plague
• The scandalous Tower of Love
• Hidden Hebrew letters
• The Church of Mount Zion
• Crypto-Jewish traditions
• Where the word “abracadabra” comes from

New discoveries with clues to the island’s traumatic past are still being made today. But the Inquisition left its mark in more than just stones & walls – you’ll learn about certain members of Mallorquin society who were marginalized up until the middle of the 1900s because they had specific last names that traced their Jewish roots.

Don’t miss your chance to engage with a unique chapter of history – both of Mallorca and of Judaism.
Juan Antonio Caldes Rodriguez wrote the script for this tour. His invaluable input and dedication enabled this wonderful tour to come to fruition. Thank you Juan!