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"Dear Dani It is our pleasure, Dani, the best of luck to baby Oren, may his life be filled with blessings! I am sure you are not in Mallorca by coincidence so if I one day hear about a new JCC in an island in Spain, I will absolutely know who was behind it. It is wonderful to have a purpose, Dani, enjoy it and I wish you great success. In the meantime, of all the tours we have had, yours was one of the most interesting and fun. We really enjoyed it and I have a feeling we will keep all this info with us for a long time. Richie and I talk about those little tidbits a lot. We look forward to meeting your lovely wife in our next trip as well. And of course Baby Oren. Thank you so much for your email. Love"
Raque y Richie
"I did the Jewish quarter tour with Dani a couple weeks ago and highly recommend it. So interesting and a very important story to tell. Dani is very enthusiastic and passionate about this particular piece of history. Very worth it !!”
Jodi Burmeister
"I took my kids on a tour with Dani Rotstein of the Hidden History of Jewish Palma, and we loved it. Dani is so enthusiastic and passionate. My family especially loved that he mixed the tour with history and baked goods. We can't wait to do another tour with Jewish Majorca.”
Sarah Miller Benichou
"My family and I went on Dani’s Jewish history tour of Palma and we all found it super fascinating and very interesting. Dani has a wealth of knowledge and we discovered many interesting facts and places that we had never known about. Dani is a great guide, we would recommend the tour to everyone!”
Lisa Pierce
"What a perfect way to explore such a vibrant beautiful city! I have walked the streets of Palma so many times, but now thanks to this unique, walking tour I now see it through fresh eyes. Dani's passion for detail etched into discreet corners. His careful research even spotting historical markings underfoot on pavements. His impressive knowledge brought history to life. Dani's enthusiasm was infectious and the tour was fascinating as well as being a fun group event... with even an optional visit to a delightful bakery tucked away in the old city. Best of he was extremely professional, with each of the group given Bluetooth headsets. Great because we could hear his every word clearly as we walked. I don't recommend lightly but I highly recommend these excellent walking tours of Palma!”
Laura Stadler
"Having lived part time on the island for eight years and having visited since my childhood I had no idea about the history of the Jews on Mallorca until I joined one of Dani’s brilliant tours of the Jewish Quarter of the old City of Palma. Dani is a brilliant tour leader bringing real enthusiasm to the tour and bringing the quaint old narrow streets of the old town of Palma to life. It’s a fascinating and unique story and one I will not spoil for future attendees but a must especially for any member of the Jewish community who either live on the Island or visit regularly either to a holiday home or just on irregular visits to stay with friends or in a hotel. Lasting about 100 minutes you don’t want it to end and I for one, discovered parts of Palma previously unknown to me despite these narrow streets lying so close to the main Cathedral. We are also introduced to small symbols within buildings or even on the highway that would otherwise go unnoticed and yet tell moving and inspirational stories of the Jews of medieval Palma. I will certainly be recommending this tour to all my friends and visitors. A must do! Five stars out of five."
Robert Davis