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Jews have been part of the fabric of Australia since the first settlement of white Australians in 1788. Melbourne has become a home to Jews from all over the world, with tremendous vibrancy. There are institutions and organizations to cover every interest, including more than 60 synagogues, eight Jewish schools, a dozen kosher restaurants/bakeries, and many cultural, social, and communal organizations. The world’s only public protest against Kristallnacht (recorded and acknowledged at Yad Vashem) happened in Melbourne, led by Indigenous elder William Cooper. Australia, and Melbourne in particular, has the largest per capita percentage of Holocaust survivors anywhere outside of Israel. Our guide Alex has spent most of his life in Melbourne. He is chair of the Council of Christians and Jews, a board member of March of the Living Australia, and a volunteer at Melbourne’s premier social services organization, Jewish Care.




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Jews began to settle in Moscow in the 17th century, and, by the 19th century, they were forbidden to live beyond the Pale of Settlement. By the year 1890, 40,000 Jews were living in Moscow. After 70 years of antisemitism, persecution, and lack of religious freedom, Moscow’s Jewish communities not only have managed to survive but also to expand and thrive. Our guide Dasha is a former JDC Moscow PR specialist and a Jewish Agency for Israel coordinator, currently living in Israel. She was raised in a secular Jewish family and always knew about her background. Back in the turmoil that was the 1990s, her family was hugely supported by the JDC — they received food parcels, home care for her grandfather, and money for winter clothing for her and her little sister. Before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, 150,000 members of diverse communities in Jewish schools, teen clubs, volunteer initiatives, religious communities, and non-profit organizations were living active Jewish lives in the country’s capital. Today, the community is facing new challenges.




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The Jewish community of Montreal dates back to 1760 when the first Jews arrived in the city after the British conquest of New France. The community grew in numbers with the arrival of Ashkenazi Jews in the late 1800s, and later with the arrival of Moroccan Jews in the early 1960s. Our guide Kat Romanow is a born-and-bred Montrealer, a Jewish food historian with a focus on the Jewish foods of her hometown, and the co-founder of The Wandering Chew. Kat has worked in the Jewish community of Montreal for almost 10 years, during which time she created a Jewish food walking tour and ran numerous food-related programs. This tour includes a short cooking demo, as well as a discussion about how the Jewish community in Montreal has shaped the literary, artistic, and food cultures of the city — from bagels to Leonard Cohen!




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The history of the Jews in New Spain began in 1519 with the arrival of the converts, also called crypto-Jews, who were forced to convert to Catholicism — one of the targets of the Inquisition. The current Jewish population in Mexico mostly consists of those who have descended from immigrants from the 19th and early 20th centuries, with nationwide totals estimated between 90,000 and 100,000, about 75% of whom are in Mexico City. Our guide Renato Huarte Cuéllar is, in many senses, not your average Mexican Jew. His father is not Jewish and, from his maternal side, his grandparents were part of the Mexican Communist Party and never got married. In his gap year, he learned Hebrew and became interested in education. He has been a professor of Philosophy of Education in different Graduate and Undergraduate programs at UNAM and at Universidad Hebraica, the small Jewish University in Mexico City. Renato is the founder of Limmud Mexico and a member of the Limmud Steering Group as a representative for Latin America.

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Susan S


Well, once again, you hit it out of the park. Thank you and your group for all your work.

Sylvie Bordzuk


Thank you so much for bringing Jewish communities around the world to our living rooms / dens / phones, etc. I am becoming more and more interested in my Jewish heritage with each visit, especially having been brought up with a not particularly strong Jewish identity.

Hank Glickman


One of the best presentations I’ve ever heard anywhere…

Sheryl A Roberts


Hi, I just finished watching the Hot Air Balloon trips I missed. One is better than the other. They have been fabulous. The speakers you lined up were wonderful. I hope you continue this. Thank you so much.